BitRecover Parallels HDD Recovery Wizard

BitRecover Parallels HDD Recovery Wizard 3.2

Recovers deleted or lost data , folders, files from Parallels virtual machines
3.2 (See all)

Parallels HDD Recovery Wizard is one-of- its-kind recovery solution to recover data from broken or crashed virtual machines created in Parallels and saved as .hds or .hdd files. Tool successfully supports file recovery from .hdd virtual disk images created with Parallels Desktop and VirtualBox.

Parallels HDD Recovery Wizard features: granular recovery from corrupt & damaged *.pvm, *.hds, *.hdd files, supports recovery from GPT (GUID Partition Table) or MBR (Master Boot Record) Partition tables, supports data recovery from guest operating systems having file systems NTFS & FAT used in Parallels virtual machines.

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